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February 13, 2021

Sierra Silver Tequila

Sierra Silver Tequila Subheading

100% Tequila

Destilería Sierra manufactures seven different kinds of tequila as well as a liqueur with tequila in order to satisfy different preferences, tastes, and requirements. The differences between them lie in the way they are manufactured and stored. Sierra Tequila Silver and Sierra Tequila Reposado are probably the best-known and most popular tequilas in the Sierra range.


Sierra Tequila is made in the traditional way in copper pot stills with double distillation and is one of the few large Tequila distilleries to avoid the use of column distillation. Pot still distillation is more gentle for the Tequila and has the advantage that the complex fruit notes are preserved. With Tequila it’s not just about the purity of the spirit, but above all it’s about preserving the fruity aroma of the agaves that make Sierra Tequila so unique.



What’s It Like

Sierra Tequila Silver is a mature, clear tequila.

Its full, fruity, fresh aroma dominated by a subtle chili note reflects the Tequilana Weber Azul Agave and also contains slight hints of green apple and young pineapple. Nuances of pepper give Sierra Tequila Silver that certain something, making it a feisty tequila.





Did You Know

FACT: Our agaves don’t grow in big, artificial greenhouses; they grow out in the highland fields.

FACT: Destilería Sierra was one of the first tequila distilleries in the world to stop using artificial fertilizer on its fields.

FACT: Our agaves grow for a long period of time until they are harvested. Every agave is an individual. Therefore, Anejo Tequila takes about 12 to 15 years in production until it can be consumed.

FACT: The jimador waits for the moment when the inner leaves of the agave are longer than the outer ones. That is the ideal time to harvest. The agaves are harvested individually by hand by the jimadores using a coa, which is a sharp harvesting knife. The heart of the agave is called the piña (or “pineapple”).

FACT: A piña weighs on average between 20 and 80 kg.

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