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February 12, 2021

Lavendette Rose Wine

Lavendette Rose Wine Subheading

Provençal Rosé

You’ve got to have been living under a rock not to have noticed the ‘rosé revolution’ that has taken over the wine world and Australia in the past couple of years.

The most sought after style of rosé is definitely the Provençal stuff – yes there’s the fact that you kind of have to pronounce it like you’re some kind of posh know-it-all (Pro-vahns) but who could resist those soft blush/salmon pink, with red berry characters yet with a savoury finish on the palate.  These are best suited to hot summers in the park, by the ocean or by the sea, which Perth provides in mass.


Lavendette Rosé,  Alpes De Haute Provence, France

Named after endless lavender fields in the region, this is a Provençal rosé we’ve personally sourced from France that’s so excellent, we intend to keep it available long term rolling over a number of vintages.

Lavendette Rosé is a private label produced exclusively for Liquor Barons with the wine grown and harvested in Les Alpes de Haute Provence in France.  This wine is the perfect representation of an excellent quality Provençal rosé offered at a low price point to create an incredible value offer.


Tasting Notes

  • Dry and spicy
  • Full of rose petals and ripe raspberry
  • With dusty spice and hints of pomegranate
  • Great for any season, with or without food  

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