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February 14, 2021

Hahn Ultra Crisp

Hahn Ultra Crisp Subheading

Hahn Ultra Crisp is an easy-drinking, lower carb lager brewed with a revolutionary new process using rice to create a cleaner, crisper tasting beer this is also preservative-free, 99% sugar-free, and gluten-free.

It’s taken us five years of experimentation and refinement, but we’re proud to say that this beer is brewed with no gluten-containing ingredients – making it entirely gluten-free.

Better yet, it’s endorsed by Coeliac Australia as a suitable choice for those leading a gluten-free lifestyle.


What does Hahn Ultra Crisp taste like?

Brewed with rice and without other grains gives Hahn Ultra Crisp a pure and clean taste that is unique to this brew. We’ve combined aromatic hops and a specifically chosen yeast to deliver a crisp, dry beer that is low in bitterness, has light citrus aromas and a clean finish.


What makes this beer gluten-free?

We’ve followed the strict Australian standards to nail this one – by brewing with no gluten-containing ingredients and with a clean gluten-free process.

Better yet, we test our brews to ensure no detectable gluten is present!


How many calories in Hahn Ultra Crisp?

At Hahn, we’re passionate about giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice – that’s why you can see all the nutritional information right here, such as Ultra Crisp having 99 calories per serve.



About Hahn

Hahn began over two decades ago when four mates got together over a beer to chat about a hunch they had. They believed the tastes of Australia were changing, and that someone should brew a new taste of beer for all Australians to enjoy. On a coaster, they mapped out what a modern style of beer could look like- and more importantly, what it would taste like. By the end of the night, the idea had turned into a plan and the adventure of Hahn began.

Hahn was named after Charles (Chuck) Hahn & launched in 1988 with our first beer, Hahn Premium. Since then, we’ve spent two decades honing our range of beers, learning from each brew so we could build better beers that meet the evolving tastes of Australians. The latest innovation, Hahn Ultra Crisp, is a testament to our passion for innovation, brewed with a revolutionary new brewing process using rice instead of the standard wheat or barley to create a beer that is lower carb, 99% sugar-free, preservative-free & gluten-free.

Hahn prides itself on always starting with the freshest ingredients & refining these using the best modern technologies. Most importantly, we think outside the box to create new ways to brew great tasting beer- respecting traditional brewing heritage but building upon this with modern brewing techniques. It’s this fresh thinking that keeps us evolving- we’re constantly searching for ways to make better beer for all Australians to enjoy.

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