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February 14, 2021

Fixation IPA

Fixation IPA Subheading

We are obsessed with great IPA’s. Some would call it a fixation and so we did!

We set up Fixation Brewing Company to be fixated on one thing – making the best IPA’s possible.

Fixation is backed by people who know beer and fronted by a man who has a fanatical obsession with the style. Tom Delmont, well known within the Australian beer community, is unsurprisingly our passionate IPA enthusiast to deliver it to the IPA fanatics of Australia.

With over a decade in the game, Tom’s passion for independent beer and fresh IPA’s is only matched by his love for the good beer industry and sharing good beers with drinkers – the perfect person to lead Fixation.

The bloke running between the tanks is our brewer Sam Bethune. After a few years in sales, Sam saw the hop-greener side and studied brewing in Berlin, obtaining the VLB Certified Brewmasters qualification and started his brewing career at Stone & Wood in 2015.

Sam is a man fixated with IPA’s. When the first IPA you ever tried was Russian River’s acclaimed Pliny the Elder, the bar is set high. Sam spent a lot of time in the US in a previous music life, particularly between LA and Portland and really got hooked on IPA’s. He strives to make what he thinks are the best expression of IPA’s: aromatic, bitter, balanced, refreshing and damn satisfying to drink!

Whether it be brewing, sales or the team serving you a beer in our Incubator tasting room, we all have one thing in common.

We love fresh IPA!

What’s It Like

Our classic IPA, it is at the heart & soul of everything we do. Our IPA is the only beer we made for the first two years almost, you could say we were Fixation. Inspired by the American West Coast style, with pine and fruity aromas, robust flavour and firm bitterness, but beautifully balanced. Punchy with a dry finish.

  • Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, Mosaic
  • ABV: 6.4%
  • Bitterness: High (65 IBU)

Did You Know

Fixation Brewing Co was awarded Champion large independent brewery at the 2019 IBA Indies two years after claiming Champion medium brewery as well as being awarded Consistency of Excellence at the 2018 AIBA.



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