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February 13, 2021

Colonial Small Ale

Colonial Small Ale Subheading


Uncomplicated. That’s life in Margaret River. And that’s the philosophy behind the Colonial Brewing Company.

One of the first breweries to open on Western Australia’s wild coastline, the Colonial Brewing Co tapped its first keg in 2004. It was the first step in an incredible journey, and guided by some of Australia’s most talented and passionate brewers, we opened our first East Coast brewery in Port Melbourne in 2015.

But even as we grow, we still do things the exact same way we do them in the Margaret River. We do them uncomplicated. That’s why our hand-crafted beer actually tastes like beer should. It’s why our ciders use only cold-pressed Australian apples. It’s why we created a range of crafted cans that could go where you go and do what you do, from the bar to a barbie, a festival to the footy.

Because life is better uncomplicated.


Meet Colonial Small Ale, brewed to be lower in alcohol, not impact, or flavour. Our Small Ale is brewed using the same techniques – with the same malt and hop profiles – as an IPA, but it’s cleverly crafted to reduce the alcohol content to 3.5 per cent, without sacrificing substance. Brewed to deliver gentle, lasting bitterness, and layered a swift kick of citrus-and-pine goodness, you can drink small and stand tall with our full-bodied, flavour-packed Small Ale.


What’s It Like

Small Ale is big on taste and a refreshing brew at that. Like a punch up the nose with a tangerine, Small Ale is full of citrus aromatics owing to its extended contact with New World hops. Soft, but not lacking in bitterness, the brew carries cheeky hints of sweet caramelised malt and presents with a copper ruby tint in the sunlight.


Did You Know

  • Small Ale is in no manner watered down or any less of a beer than the rest of our range. It is actually harder to brew, due to its complex malt bill and high hopping rates, resulting in a beer that actually costs more to produce than our Kolsch!
  • This brew began its life as a project beer, so was conceived outside the traditional style categories for beer. It sits closest to an “ordinary bitter”, an English style of beer that has lower alcohol combined with a gentle but lasting bitterness.
  • With a design quite distinctly different to the rest of the core range, the Small Ale packaging designwas a collaboration between Colonial Brewing Co and WA-based graphic designers Dune Haggar and Ian Mutch for Emergence Creative Festival in 2015.


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