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February 13, 2021

Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry Subheading

The Many Ways To Drink Carlton Dry… There’s More Than You Think.

Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry is a super refreshing, full-strength lager specifically brewed for easy drinking. Our beer has a great taste and a smooth, dry finish without the bitterness of traditional beers. Combine this with our longer brewing process that removes excess sugars, making us lower carb and you can see why Carlton Dry is the perfect addition to any good time.


Carlton Dry Stubbie 355ml

Whether you’re throwing a house party, or gearing up for a big night out with mates, the Carlton Dry Stubbie is 355mls of pure awesome.
Available: 6 pack, 10 pack & 12 pack grab n go, 24 pack.


Carlton Dry Can 375ml

From music festivals, to parties, to sitting on the beach after an epic surf. The ever-durable and ever-reliable Carlton Dry Can will keep you satisfied regardless of your surrounds.
Available: 6 pack, 24 pack, 30 pack x 330ml.


Carlton Dry on Tap

The same great flavour, but it comes in a glass, from a tap. For the first time ever, it’s good when the taps at your local pub run Dry. Whether you’re catching some rays in the beer garden, or out for a night with mates, Carlton Dry Draught is the obvious fresh choice.
Available: taps across Australia.


Carlton Dry Longneck 700ml

The same great taste, in a bigger bottle. Less trips to the fridge and more Dry to go around.
Available: singles.



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