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Shop ‘n Win

Look for the Shop ‘n Win icons in-store and online. Barons Locals will go into the draw to WIN whenever you swipe your Barons Locals card.

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Shop ‘n Save

Look for the Shop ‘n Save icons in-store and online to see the discounted deals we’re giving to Barons Locals.

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Shop ‘n Earn

Earn points when you shop! $1 = 1 point, redeemable on your next purchase or save them up for a special occasion.

Our Locals Club for West Aussies

If you’re living or working or shopping in WA - then you’re a Local. We do our darndest to reward our Local customers for being total legends, who shop West Aussie, and support the local families who own and operate our stores. Our co-operative of independent stores, spans across WA and only in WA, so more of your money stays in the community.

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