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Meet the Barons

About Steve

We must admit, it feels strange to say “Steve” without the “Perry”.  Steve Perry has been serving the great people of Perth fine wines for decades.  Many decades: we are polite, so we will not be precise.  But rest assured, Steve has sold more Grange than we’ve had hot dinners, and he is also responsible for keeping his well-shod customers in the know about great-value wines.  So he’s got it all.  Not to mention his long reputation for his kind heart and his steely determination to provide the best customer service day after day (after day after day)… Meet Steve at Swanbourne.

Steve spent his early days as a bar manager, before moving on to the famous ‘John Coppins’ in Peppermint Grove – one of WA’s leading fine wine specialists of the day. He spent 12 exciting, busy and formative years at John Coppins. In the late 90’s Steve started work at Swanbourne Cellars, which is where he calls home 20 years on.

We asked Steve who/what were the major influences on his life in wine – which has been extraordinarily blessed.

“My mentor in early days, was the great man himself” (he speaks here of one of WA’s living wine legends, the passionate and energetic wine fanatic, John Jens, who was with him at Coppins).  “The other person who has had a great impact on my life in wine is Rod Properjohn.  We have tasted regularly together for the last 20 years, and every time I sit down with him I learn something new.”  (Rod is a leading force for the Liquor Barons On The Vine premium wine program, and a weekly fixture on the panel.)